Friday, July 31, 2009

To cuddle or not

I haven't quite figured out what the attraction is... why do we have the urge to cuddle small animals? Especially baby animals? Is it because they're accessible? Or is it something "built in", some response that leads us to protect the smaller and weaker?

And what about the animal that really isn't a cuddler? Our cat does NOT want to be held. She likes to be petted--but try to pick her up and you may draw back a stub. She was like that from the time she was a tiny kitten. Why are some animals--and people--not cuddlers?

What do you think?



  1. Dunno. I mean cats are not social in the wild, so that makes some sense. I think most aren't real cuddlers. As to dogs and people, it's probably just like anything else. Why do some of us like chili peppers and others don't? Or roller coasters?

  2. I have absoutely no urge to cuddle a small animal.

  3. It's because they're cute. Studies have shown it's a biological reaction: most baby animals have large eyes, which we're (and other adult animal) programmed to see as cute and want to take care of.

    Some adult animals' eyes are also large, in our perception, so we have the same reaction. That's why we melt when our dogs look at us with those great big puppy-dog eyes.

    Natural selection at work

  4. I am a huge cuddler of animals -sorry Annie, having trouble typing - love baby animals. All our pets are cuddlers except the parrot who will snuggle against your neck once in a while and then bite you till you bleed. Elissa has it right. We do like to cuddle small, babyish creatures - big eyes, short noses, roundish bodies...