Monday, July 13, 2009

Open doors and oddities

Because it's summer in Maryland, we have the air conditioning on. We don't normally have to deal with loss of the AC due to open doors or windows but this week our granddaughters are staying with us and since there is no AC at their house, they're not used to closed doors and windows.

I've lost count of the times I've reminded the younger one especially that the door has to be closed because the AC is on. Some days the pollen counts aren't too high and I will flick off the AC and open the doors and windows, enjoying the breath of fresh air in the apartment, but other days, the outside air is just too bad for me to breathe. Then every door and window in the apartment are shut up as tight as possible and the AC is kicking in high gear.

When I ask the little one why the door is open, she sends me a baffled look and says, "Because I'm looking outside."

I confess that I'm just as baffled because I don't see the difference between looking through a window and screen or just looking through the screen. Why open the door?

That's not the only thing I find baffling. Why is it necessary to pace from one end of the apartment to the other like a tiger on speed when talking on the telephone? Why is it impossible to sit or stand still? This is a spreading phenomenon I've noticed more and more recently and I wonder at the root cause for pacing.

Then there's the necessity to scream while playing outside. There's no problem with wondering where they are. The entire neighborhood knows that they're outside playing because of the screaming. It must been a good thing. Every time they talk to their parents, they tell them they're having so much fun playing outside.

Probably the one that really gets me as an adult is the total impossibility to sit still. Legs wiggle, ankles jiggle, fingers twitch, and there's an entire symphony of snaps, pops, impromptu dance steps and swaying butts. Just watching makes me tired.

That's a terrible way to start a new week.



  1. Ahhh...gotta love the kiddies:) These must be universal traits, because I witnessed much of the same in my own little ones last week! Just be thankful they don't scream INSIDE the house:)

    Look at it as further 'research' for incorporating grandchildren into stories???

  2. Nope never understood the screaming thing either.

  3. I like the 'because I'm looking outside.':)

  4. LOL If you could bottle the energy, you'd make a fortune. *g*