Thursday, July 16, 2009

Looking for Lunch

About ninety percent of a digital author's promotion is done online. We spend a lot of time writing blogs, keeping up our websites, facebook, myspace, and twittering. In our interactions we meet all sorts of people--including the not so nice--the stalkers.

The unpalatable truth is we are all at risk. There are hunters out there looking for lunch.

Yet there are writers who are oblivious to the threat. They post pictures of their homes, post their addresses and phone numbers, list their vacation itineraries, discuss personal business on their blogs, and even post pictures of their cars (complete with license plates visible). I've come to the conclusion that they simply do not understand how far reaching the Internet influence is.

I'm continually amazed at what I find when I do research queries. When I google myself, I find comments I posted on other blogs over two years ago. Once that "enter" button is pressed, the information is floating around out there forever.

There is a fine line between the public persona and the private one. And when that line is crossed, the danger immediately increases exponentially. Crossing that line puts that writer on the lunch menu.

Don't become the tiger's lunch.



  1. yep, I never get why people show pictures of their home, kids, friends, family...too many weirdos ou there. Tell 'em nothing and take 'em nowhere

  2. I agree, Anny. It's too dangerous. There's way too many crazies out there.

  3. Yes, I agree. You have to be very careful.

  4. It's scary some days. You have to always be cautious.