Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Goat Tales and Ducks and Donkeys

Yesterday we spent the day at a farm with a petting zoo. So here are a few shots from our day out. Above is a picture of a huge turkey.

T with the goats. The big one was quite a pushy fellow as you can see.
T with the donkey she fell in love with. If we could have, she would have gladly taken the donkey home. I felt we already had enough asses at home.
D enjoying the shade at the pavilion while waiting for her root beer float. And to her joy, her sister followed that up with a decadent cherry Italian ice--jumbo size.
Neighbor (and chauffeur) Jane and T feeding the goats and for their generosity they received a thick coating of goat spit on their hands. Fortunately we had a package of wipes handy.
Jane with D feeding the goats. D was enchanted by the goats. She ended up feeding the goats three of the little prepared containers of feed you can buy from a dispenser.
Encounter with the goats. When they realized she had food, they followed her around, every where she went.
This farm is also a nursery. The colors were glorious and everything was in bloom. We had a great day.

All three "kids" and Nanna had a great time.



  1. oooh, beautiful plants. And petting zoos are always fun for the kids (umm--even some of us big ones.)

  2. The grandchildren are so adorable. Looks like lots of fun.

  3. Cute, cute pics. And those flowers did look glorious:)

  4. Love the pics, Anny:) Looks as if the girls are enjoying themselves with Nanna.

  5. Great pics. The girls are having a blast aren't they? Love the beautiful nursery.

  6. Looks like fun...and not just for kids. *g*