Friday, July 17, 2009

Showering with the Neighbor...

Back in my younger days, I had an adventure or two. One night after all the kids were in bed, my friend J and I went down to the local drugstore where the school supplies were on sale. It was early September, a nice warm night. We planned to be gone only about an hour.

When we finished our shopping and returned to her car, we discovered the battery was dead. The store closed right after we checked out so we found ourselves in an empty parking lot. Across the road was a Seven-Eleven so we walked over there to use the phone and buy a soda.

My husband was at work, so she called hers. We had a bet riding on what her husband's reaction would be--and I won so she bought the soda. This was back in the day when we practically lived on Tab. So we took our sodas and went back to the car, sat up on the hood and waited for C (her husband) to arrive.

In a little while he showed up in faded jeans and moccasins. After a brief discussion, he hooked up the battery cables and went to start his truck. Just as the engine turned over, I backed away from the car and that was a life-saving move. The battery exploded, spewing battery acid all over me. But because I'd backed away--and because I wore thick coke bottle glasses--it wasn't nearly bad as it could have been.

C leaped out of his truck and grabbed my Tab, pouring it all over me. Then he grabbed my friend's Tab and poured that all over me.

And then he ripped my shirt off.

In the parking lot.

Good job I was wearing a bra because he didn't have on a shirt to offer me.

We all piled in the truck and went home. All the way, J is still shaking because of the close call, and C is telling me all the stuff I need to do as soon as I get home so I can wash the battery acid off. We parked in his driveway, relieved to be home and shakily climbed out of the truck.

Evidently, he decided that I might not follow his instructions closely enough because he marched me inside his house, wrestled me into the shower with him and proceeded to scrub me down. In the midst of it all D, his sixteen year old son wandered in.

"Whatcha doin' Daddy?"

"Takin' a shower with Anny!"

"Doesn't she have a shower at her house?"

"What would be the fun of that?"

When C determined I was clean enough, J provided a heavy bathrobe and some hot tea. And sometime around midnight, I finally made it home. Later inspection proved that my jeans were full of holes. Ditto the bra and my glass lenses were pitted. There were tiny burns all over my face. But overall, I survived it all pretty well.

And that's how I ended up taking a shower with my neighbor...


PS! Happy Birthday to my baby, who turns 31 today! I love ya BABY!


  1. OMG...SCARY but so funny. And how can that BE??? Thanks for sharing.What an excellent neighbor.

    And Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter.

  2. Happy birthday to baby! Yay! Great post, Anny...thank God you had on thick glasses! Battery acid would have blinded you!

  3. Happy birthday to the junior! And yep, C, sounds like hero material for sure.

    Let's see, nice young woman has hunky new neighbor jumpstart her car...oh yeah, sounds like a story!

  4. This stirs up memories. I reached into a hornet's nest at a friend's house. Her husband was a paramedic who I hadn't met yet. When he saw how I was swelling he got his kit and whipped off my shirt to be sure he dabbed all the stings. What an introduction.

  5. Scary stuff, Anny. But great fodder for a book.

  6. OMG that sounds scary. But love the shower scene. I'd so right that into a book if I were you. And thankfully J isn't the jealous type! ;) Glad all turned out well.

    Happy Birthday to your baby!

  7. OMG, Anny. That is one scary, funny tale.

  8. Hahaha...the stuff that fantasies are made of!

    Happy birthday to your baby:)

  9. WEll, ANNY, Anny, Anny,
    You are one funny lady! Frist time I've been here, but now I am going to run over and buy a few books of yours! Geez, I'm drooling on the covers, too.
    AND THE PIX are a hoot!
    Did you take these? Love the cat and the bird.

  10. Anny,
    You're so lucky to have had such a great neighbor! Gotta love those quick-thinking guys;-)

  11. HOLY COW, Anny!!! Only you... ;)

    I'm so glad you were okay, but dang what a story!!! You HAVE to put it in a book!!!

    Happy birthday to your baby!!!

  12. Gee, some women will do anything to get to shower with a hot guy. Hopefully, over the years, you've learned how to get him to take HIS clothes off too!

    Glad you had a hero on hand!

  13. Wow! What a scene! What a scary adventure! Put that story in a story!

  14. Holy Cow! What a great story Annycoo. I'm thinking that would make a great addition to a book when you're trying to get your h/h together and they can't get past their mutual annoyance to figure out they're falling for each other.

    C'mon, Anny, only you could write that one perfectly. Think of the shower discover scenes with piercings everywhere. LOL.