Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Alien Slugs and Rainy Days

So. We went out for the hunk's doctor appointment yesterday. It was raining. Naturally. Not the wimpy little sprinkles the weather people call rain, but actual big rain drops pounding the car, killing visibility, and settling in ponds on the street.

You would think in that case everyone would slow down. And you would be wrong. No, no, no. In a demonstration of insanity, everyone decided the traffic was really an unannounced street race. With predictable results.

Added to the misery was the chaos committed in the name of security when the President of the United States decides to visit someplace obscure. In this case, it was the village where I live. Streets were closed. Traffic backed up.

Why? Does he really think it endears him to voters? Really? I think not.

After all of that, we actually arrived at the doctor's office on time. He had his exam. The report was good. He's cancer free and isn't scheduled for another appointment for three months. The alien slug we all call cancer was defeated.

Good show.



  1. Glad to hear that hubster is doing well. I would figure that visiting your little hamlet would endear him to some, though. The Pres, not your hubster, that is. LOL!

  2. Hey, Ladies! Yes, I am relieved also! The longer he goes without a recurrence, the better! It's all good!