Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Loaf of Bread, Jug of Wine

Two weeks ago, I chose to make a radical change in my life. In the foreseeable future, I will not eat or drink anything (but water) in my office. If I want a cup of coffee, it's consumed at the dining room table. Breakfast? Dining room table. Lunch or dinner? Dining room table.

Now you might say, "So what?"

Perhaps, you've always done it that way, so it wouldn't be any big deal to you. I, on the other hand, have spent much of my life eating someplace other than the table.

Breakfast--and that's a very loose definition--was stuffed in my mouth while I drove to work. Lunch was picked at while I answered phone calls and typed at work. And dinner was a zoned out space while I watched a forgettable television program.

When I retired and starting my writing career, I continued on with the same regimen, with small changes such as reading Facebook or e-mail, but really, other than a change of venue from the car to the office, what's the difference? So as I sat with my prescription bottle in my hand, unsure of whether I'd actually taken my meds while distracted by commenting on someone's post, or maybe not...and really, my meds are not the type you can take twice... Yes, well, I came to the conclusion changes were in order.

The final straw was when I discovered I had missed enough of my diabetes meds to make up an entire ninety day supply. That certainly got my attention!

My new regimen is simple. Every meal, every snack, every cup of coffee, tea, or soda (though I must add I quit drinking soda!), every break is spent at the dining room table, with no television, no computer, no telephone, no distractions.

A couple interesting things came out of this. A) I discovered the taste of food. Amazing. Who knew food had such varied flavors and textures? So that's why restaurant food always tasted so good. Huh. When you pay attention to what you're eating, you actually appreciate it. Or not. A couple things I eliminated from my menu...

And B) I discovered a certain impatience when I had to stop what I was doing, go to another room, consume whatever, and then return to my occupation. Drinking water is easier. I also consumed more water, even though I really don't like water! So what does that say about the other things I might have consumed while brain dead at the computer?

And C) I stood up. And moved around. Trotting back and forth to the kitchen, dining room, kitchen, and back to the office meant I wasn't sitting on my duff for unending hours--something that is terribly dangerous and can cause blood clots.

Side benefits: I drink less coffee. I get up once in a while. I drink more water.

Here's my challenge. For the next two full days, don't consume anything except at the table (or for those of you who like to drink morning coffee on your deck...okay). No snacking while reading, watching television, playing with your computer, or talking on the phone. This isn't a diet issue. It's a taste issue.

I'm curious. Report back. How'd it go?



  1. Carol P. Williams (FB)June 20, 2012 at 11:58 AM

    I got lapband a year and half ago so I now can only consumed very small portions, I have learned quickly to enjoy the taste of food since I can only have so much and I sip sip sip the water all day.

  2. The hunk had the full bariatric surgery. I know about those days.

  3. It's not a diet issue, it's a lifestyle issue. Good for you!

  4. Exactly. Lifestyle issue. That's a better word. Thanks, Julia!