Monday, June 11, 2012


When we went shopping today, we traveled a back road that had recently been repaved. It had freshly painted yellow lines down the center and white lines along the edges. The last time we were on this particular road, I noticed the hunk tended to shy away from the edge, but today he centered the car squarely in our lane.

I suspect we are more comfortable when we have clearly marked lines to denote our place. Of course, we've all encountered the rogues who insists on taking their space from the center of the road rather that sticking to their lane. But as a matter of safety, most people stay in their designated spot.

We use lines to designate more than place. We use them as a sign of normalcy. "He doesn't color in the lines..." My philosophy was simple. Once you have learned the skills required to color in the lines, then you can make informed choices about coloring outside the lines--or indeed, drawing your own lines in life.

In this day and age, few people create their own lines. Even those who believe they are traveling on the unbeaten path rarely understand they are merely moving along a different set of pre-set lines. It requires courage, meticulous planning, and determination to careen off the road, flying over meadow and mountain to an unknown destination. Few of us have the perseverance and fortitude to forge ahead, regardless of obstacles in our way.

It would no doubt be safer if everyone stayed within the lines. But few new discoveries would be made, few new accomplishments would occur if we were all content to travel the same roads. Too bad we don't celebrate the few who dare to explore, the men and women with the courage to stand for the ones who are too broken to stand, and the adventurers who seek out new avenues to achieve old goals.

Of course, for every explorer there must be a tried and true support group who are content to travel within the lines. It's a fortunate circumstance that every individual has a place, a vocation, a role that's exactly right for them. The secret is to find it.



  1. Well, I rarely stay in the lines because I have worked out the secret to life is not doing so. It pisses a lot of people off but you get more and further if you push boundaries and jump lines.

  2. It's no fun staying in the lines. :)

  3. So sayeth the author who leaps from mountaintop to valley charging with Kind Arthur's sword held high, totally drawing outside the lines of conventional thought and enjoying the hell out of it. LOL!