Saturday, June 2, 2012

Truth about selling books...

Recently a reader wrote to me, complaining because she couldn't locate a certain book of mine. At that time, she also commented that it would be much easier for my readers if I had "buy" links for the books on my website.

In response to her remarks, I dealt with the missing book and added buy links to the covers of all my posted books on my website. A couple days later, another reader indicated some disappointment because my buy links were all for the original publishers of the books rather than third party sites such as Amazon, Barns and Noble, and All Romance e-books.

So here's the truth about purchasing e-books from third party sites. You're going to pay more for that privilege. Needlessly. Because almost all publishers' sites sell their books in all the formats you could possibly need.

That's right. You don't have to buy from a particular third party site to purchase your books in your chosen format. AND you pay more on the third party site. In most cases, you pay considerably more for exactly the same book.

By going to my website, you save time and money. The links take you directly to the page for each individual book. That page has the blurb, and excerpt, and all the information to buy the book. And in about ninety percent of the cases, the book is less expensive.

This is not only true for my books, but most books at established digital publishers. So the next time someone recommends that you buy their book through their publisher's page...think long and hard about it. You could save a bit of dough--maybe even enough to buy a second book!

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  1. That first reader is quite enamored of your early books! They are charming!

  2. I'm quite enamored with her. And very grateful she pointed out the error of my ways!

    And thank you for your very kind words!

  3. Wow, Anny, I don't know how behind I am but I love the blog's face lift. And good information to readers about paying more. Also love your Yule cover.