Monday, June 25, 2012

Fire and Flood

Summer is here. We are once again in the season of Fire and Floods.

In the western mountains, huge fires gobble up acres and acres of forests along with homes and towns.

In the eastern gulf, tropical storms dump rain by the foot on coastal communities, spin off tornadoes and wash away beaches.

In the midwest and south, drought stalks the land, killing trees, cattle, and wildlife. 

This is summer in the U.S. of A. The only variables are the exact locations where these events will strike and the people they will affect. For those who believe it cannot happen to them--grab a dose of reality.

Be prepared. Now. While you have the time to think about the things you would need to have with you if you must evacuate.

And if you have a couple spare dollars, donate to the charity of your choice. Those folks under the gun will need the help.



  1. I have an evac kit in my hall cupboard. Life hits when you least expect it

  2. Hope you don't get many floods or fires.

  3. Utah is in a high desert in the mountains, framed on three sides by three mountain ranges. We only had one major flood back in 1983 that affected Salt Lake City...the mountain creeks overflowed because of torrential rains, and they had to "guide" the water through town with sand-bagged canals. As for fires, we are fighting those all the time. The past few nights, the air was so heavy with smoke, we had to close off the air conditioners because they were bringing smoke inside. As for evacuating, that has never once been a n issue in my particular area, but I am ready.