Sunday, June 3, 2012


The luminaria were all lit by many, many, many people at the event including us and once the sun went down they said a prayer and the bag pipes played in the front of the procession. By candlelight we all walked as one in memory of those that have lost their battle and in honor of those that continue to survive was awe inspiring and breathtaking...the sound of the bag pipes and all of us together it is hard to put into words what it was like.~~Jennifer Stella at Relay for Life

Thank you to each and every person who sponsored me!!!  

Amarinda Jones, Dollar General Ladies, Helen Woodall, lla G., Vania Czumak [Jade Artistry], Kristin Kislowski, Lisa DeStefano Garcia, Mary Koch, Jane North, Berengaria Brown

Passing on the message for my daughter...



  1. Yeah, bagpipes always get me. I'm looking forward to ours on June 16 as I know it will be inspiring

  2. There was no way to improve on her words...