Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lost marbles...

So...yesterday when I went to physical therapy they added a new exercise...picking up marbles (forty-four of them!) one at a time with my toes and dropping them in a small container. The first five or ten weren't bad.

Then they instructed me to purchase some marbles for home and do the same nifty exercise morning and evening, every day. So my quest for today was to purchase marbles.

You might think that wouldn't be much of a quest, but you would be wrong. Apparently, kids don't play marbles anymore. I will say my foot got quite a workout as I checked out store after store in my search for marbles.  

No one had marbles!

Finally, on the suggestion from several different individuals, we drove out to the next county to a Michael's craft store. And they did not have marbles. However, in the floral department, they had little glass balls in the correct size so I purchased those, breathed deep and since I was in the store...had a quick gander at what else they might have that would interest me.

Markers (a specific type I use for maps) and no, they no longer carry them so you can buy them individually. Now you have purchase a pack of twelve in the colors they choose to put together--at $20 a pack.

Brushes. Teeny, tiny brushes for my calligraphy borders. Average price, $4. Brushes purchased, eight. They're a good investment as they will last about two years if I take care of them properly.

Horehound drops for my sore throat.

And one container with lid for the marbles...$1.

Getting out of the house?



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