Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Likely Stories

In the last few weeks, I've read a lot of stories. A LOT of stories. (Not all of them were in books. Some were news items.) Is it just me? Or are the heroes getting dumber? I know men have the reputation for thinking mostly with their penises, but I'm wondering if maybe that's all wrong. That would be giving some of these heroes too much credit. I would say they employ their little toe.

Of course, after watching some of the hi-jinks the men in the entertainment industry, banking industry, and the politicians commit, maybe, just maybe the authors are giving their heroes more smarts than they should.

Every man cannot be as stupid as the ones I've read about. Every woman cannot be as conniving as portrayed by the author. When did we change from having decent characters to the dregs?

I don't want to read about men and women who make immoral decisions without a qualm. (And I'm not talking about sex here.) I've read about heroes or heroines who cheated, lied, stole, set up an innocent to take the fall for their own criminal behavior, abandoned a child, and used drugs.

There are decent men and women all around us. Those are the characters I want to read about. So authors, listen up! Cut it out. If you don't know any one who could be a real-life hero or heroine, then you're hanging out with the wrong people! Time to find some new friends so you have some experience to base your characters on. Real people with real lives. The good guys.



  1. Sign of the times - greed and stupidity appeal to people.

  2. Amarinda, Greed certainly, but it makes me wonder about society. Julia, sorry about the rant! One too many wallbangers!

  3. It's much easier to write shallow / undeveloped characters than put the effort into making them real...

  4. They might be shallow, but at least they should have soooome moral compass.