Saturday, April 12, 2008

Haircut, manicure, pedicure...

The house hunk and I have done all sorts of things in the name of getting ready for the RT convention. He didn't own a suit or a sport coat or any other remotely dress up clothing so he bought a suit, ties, dress shoes, dress shirts... and of course I went out and did the corresponding type shopping in the ladies department.

Yesterday I went for my haircut, eyebrow wax, etc. and he went along on the hair cut. When we parked I indicated a nail place a little further down the mall and mentioned that I needed to get a pedicure before we left for Pittsburgh. He suggested that I find out if they could do it when I finished in the beauty salon. We were in between the Friday night rushes so our business in the hair salon didn't take long.

We trotted down the strip mall to the nail salon. Could they fit me in? Why of course. Immediately, in fact. I have gnarly feet so it was pure bliss to have a very nice young man slaving over them. My seat vibrated. The water swirled. That was the life! After pummeling, pealing, massaging and shaping he painted my toenails a lovely shade of pale pink. Wow. I didn't know my feet could look so nice. While the toe nails dried, a young woman took over and gave me a wonderful manicure. By the time I was dry, fingers and toes, my belly was protesting that it was far past dinner time.

We went a few doors down to the Five Guys hamburger restaurant, had burgers and fries and I talked about how much I enjoyed the pedicure. The house hunk finished his hamburger and abruptly announced that he was going back to the nail salon to see if they had time to give him a pedicure. While I finished dinner alone, he was soaking his feet.

He enjoyed that experience so much that he said what the heck and went for a manicure also. So we're ready for almost anything now. We're painted and polished and all spiffed up. I think it's hysterically funny that my macho "real men don't...(whatever!)" decided that he really liked that pedicure and just might do it on a regular basis.

So our "older age" has turned out to be quite adventurous. Who knows what we'll think to try next?


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  1. Ooh! I LOVE pedicures. I only had my first one a year ago, if even.

    I don't think my hubby's had one but if he felt how good they were, I'm sure he'd love it.

    Have fun at RT! Bring back pictures.

  2. I love pedicures, too. We get them regularly and there are always a couple of guys in the salon we go to. That reminds me. I need to call tomorrow about a haircut. I also need to cover my grey before my sisters get here tomorrow. NO one in my family goes grey until they're 50. If they find out I have grey hair, I'm done for.

  3. I bought a special shampoo to make my silver hair sparkle and shine. May as well make lemonade... although I briefly considered dyeing it blue for RT.

  4. Dyeing it blue! You're the coolest Anny. My great aunt has the prettiest stark white hair. I'm going grey now and I'm really hoping I take after her in that. Hm, what's next? Perhaps matching Brazillians? Hey you said adventurous!

  5. Yay House Hunk for trying new things!! Blue would be awesome. I'm trying to get re-purpled because the color has already faded to light pink. ACK.

  6. Anny, glad you're enjoying the RT prep. You should go to conferences more often. I didn't do any of that, but went to the doctor who said my infection is back. More antibiotics and quaranteen again. Damn. I indulged into a serious crying last night. I'm ready to take double dose to be fine by Wednesday. Either I'm allergic to the apartment where we moved in October or I've been seriously cursed. I can't believe my system is such a traitor.

  7. What fun! That soooooo sounds like something my husband would do.

    See you soon!!!