Friday, April 18, 2008

Table 57

The line for the Faery Ball snaked across the mezzanine and down a side hall. Women and men dressed in glittery fantastic costumes, many with filmy wings waited impatiently for them to open the doors.

At last the doors opened and the line began to inch forward. When we reached the open doors,the huge ballroom was bustling with people. In the dim lighting it was impossible to see or identify anyone. We moved from table to table looking for two available seats. Finally in the far corner we found a table and sat down. A waiter came by and told us we had to move and find another table but there were no empty seats anywhere.

So we went back to table 57 and sat down with other people with no place to sit. Waiters started setting up more tables and chairs. The organizers expected approximately 400 people. Over a thousand showed up.

We didn't know any one at table 57. We couldn't see the stage. We waited a long time for service. But I want to say that we had absolutely wonderful table companions who were unfailingly polite and patient with a stressful situation. Their good humor made a potentially unpleasant situation a lovely experience. Sometimes you make the best friends in such an event.



  1. Give yourself some credit. You could make friends with the devil.


  2. I heard you were with Tammie from NOR. Shame on you for not being interviewed!

  3. Sounds as if you having a great time, and making new friends:) Hopefully I can go next year...

  4. Hmmm. A bit of disorganization, huh??? Well, that's sort of to be expected with such crowds. Sounds like it's nonstop all the way. WHEW. You'll need a wee break when you get home.

    Can't wait to chat when you get home and settled in.