Sunday, April 20, 2008

On the roadagain Pt.2

Well it's time to pack up and leave! We'll be on the road in a couple of hours. We're meeting some friends for lunch... a woman and her husband. The house hunk and I went to high school with Bonnie and I think we haven't seen her in about thirty five years so this ought to be interesting!

After lunch, we're on our way home. I'll write a full report tomorrow when I have a real keyboard to type on. In the meantime, blessings on your day!


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  1. Anny,

    Thank you for taking the time to let us in on what was happening with you @ RT. Safe Journey to you and the HH. (House Hunk)

  2. I'm glad to here you had a good visit. It was extraordinary to meet you at RT and your insights (as always) were beyond value. THANK YOU!

  3. sigh... obviously, my brain's a bit tired and I can't spell. That would be "hear" lol.

  4. I hope you have fun at your reunion with Bonnie. I'll be going to my 30th high school reunion this summer. As you say, it should be interesting.