Monday, April 14, 2008

I was a cute baby!

For those of you following Sandra's contest... yep that was me. Bald, chubby, and toothless. Not much has changed in the last 58 years. Still have big feet and no fashion sense. Thanks to everyone who played the game.

Don't you just love it when you put something away so well that you never find it again? That's happened to me several times in the last few weeks. First I put away all the tiny boxes I bought to make chinka boxes for the RT convention. My grandchildren were coming for Thanksgiving and I thought I would put them away so they wouldn't be a temptation to the kids. Well, I can't find about half of them. The rest are painted and decorated, etc., but I sure don't have a clue about where I put the rest of them.

Second, I put away my beadwork for the same reason. After some intensive searching, I found most of the beads, but there are still a few missing. Some of them I bought at a huge sale at the $1 section at Target. $50 worth of beads are somewhere in my apartment! Unfortunately, I just don't know where.

Those were minor details actually. I worked with what I had and moved on. But yesterday I spent the better part of the morning hunting for my dressy pants that I planned to wear for the dress up events. Let me tell you. If they're still in this apartment, I have no idea where they could possibly be. No idea at all. Finally, yesterday afternoon I gave up and went out to the store to hunt for a replacement pair of pants. Fortunately, I found some without too much aggravation and annoyance, but the time spent finding replacement pants has seriously set my schedule back.

That means that packing and cleaning will all have to be done today. Of course, the cleaning was delayed because we're heading into day three without hot water. The apartment management says that early this morning the maintenance people will start working on it! They had no suggestions for all the people heading back to work after three days without a shower. It's an interesting life we lead sometimes.

When I was a kid, we didn't have a shower, and bathing was a twice weekly event--Wednesday night and Saturday night. Everyone did the same and no one thought much about it. Now of course, people think they're deprived without a daily shower. Sometimes I wonder if that's the reason so many people have dry skin ailments. I'll admit though that I'm ready for a shower and shampoo. And it would be nice to run the dishwasher so that at least there aren't any dirty dishes when I leave.

Yesterday I posted pictures of the beaded hair piks I'm giving away at the RT convention. I'm also giving away chinka boxes and other stuff. If you happen to be in the area, drop by and check out my table at the book signings. There will be two lucky hair piks and one lucky chinka box that will entitle their owners to free book downloads. Perhaps... just perhaps you'll pick the right one! Those giveaways will go to the first thirty-five visitors at each signing.

Tomorrow I'll be on the road most of the day. In the meantime, Blessings on your day!


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  1. Ahhhh what a beautiful baby. Just wanna pinch those sweet little cheeks. Sorry about the water deal...ugh. Cold showers just suck! And I'm sorry, hon, but packing and housecleaning all at once is just tooooo much!!!

    Hugs!!! (p.s. love the beadwork...beautiful)

  2. I think you must have apartment sprites that are playing tricks on you. Just wait until you get back. Everything that's missing will be sitting there, in very obvious places and you won't believe how you could possibly have missed them. Have a wonderful adventure!

  3. Have great time at RT...hopefully I will be back on line tomorrow

  4. That is one cute picture, Ms. Anny.
    Thanks for taking part!
    Have a wonderful time at RT!

  5. NO hot water? Start working today? Holy crap! Are these people for real? your apartment sounds like elves ive in the corners and have a secret hiding place for your things. I think maybe they stopped by my house, because at christmas time I put away a tart warmer and a candy dish, I know right where I put them, an not even Dick Tracy could find them, I swear. And Anny, I would dearly love to have a froggie pik, if you have one to spare. See you Tuesday night.

  6. Oh my gosh. Tuesday night. It's almost here. I didn't get excited for RT until the last couple of weeks and then it's been building with slow anticipation. I'm giddy to get away from the regular responsibilities and go have fun.

    See you soon Anny. In person!

  7. What a pain about the hot water, especially while you're trying to get ready for RT. I'm looking forward to meeting you and the other froggies. Oh, and I would love one of those cute hair piks.

  8. Hi Anny, you were really a cute baby. As for forgetting where we put things, it's a continuous story in my place. Now I leave everything out in full view. Can you keep a froggie pik for me, please. BTW since I'm not signing on Saturday, I'm volunteering to go from table to table and transmit messages.

  9. Have a safe trip, Anny:) And I guessed your pic right! Screwed up most of the others, though...

  10. I was so sure that you were Kelly. You have beautiful eyes, lady.