Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday, Tuesday...

I just finished your first angels book. I had no idea we had so much crime here in Bristol!! That's where I have lived for the last 7 years. I loved the book and was surprised to see my adopted town as one of the settings.~~Maureen

There once was an author named Cook
Whose books make you sit up and look
At the sex lives of Flowers
Blue people with Powers
Daffodil-EC-Buy the Book!~~Molly Daniels

I have been fascinated with your books for sometime and recently purchased Chrysanthemum, which I love by the way.~~Rasha

Wow! You've outdone yourself this time!~~Jane, the neighbor

Yes! I love fan letters and poems. How cool is that? So bring 'em on. Write, write, write. I can't tell you what a wonderful boost it is when a fan lets you know they like your work.

As I mentioned in the Oh Get A Grip blog, I spent the weekend shopping for clothes for the RT convention in a couple weeks. Well, lest you think I was falling down on the job, let me assure you that I was busy talking about my books, passing out my card to anyone who looked remotely interested and demonstrating my digital e-reader to one and all from the lab technician who took my blood to the manager at the Olive Garden who stopped long enough to ask me about the e-reader I was, er, reading while waiting for my check.

What I found very interesting is the turn around I've observed in just the last few months. When I first started showing my Sony e-reader around town, the general reaction was a non-committal "uh-huh". Now when I demonstrate my e-reader the reaction is more along the line of "cool" and "where can I buy one?" Strange...very strange.

Last night we went shopping for a suit for the house hunk. Yeah, like I want to go shopping with a man who thinks that the first suit you buy should be the last suit you buy. Well, a wonderful gentleman named Craig took the house hunk under his wing and just fixed him up. I've been trying to convince house hunk he needs dress shoes. Oh no, he couldn't possibly find a pair of dress shoes that would be comfortable enough and he didn't want to spend the evenings with sore feet. Hmph. Craig had him eating out of his hand. House hunk not only came home with a pair of dress shoes... he's considering going back for another pair!

Honeysuckle is a laugh out loud story that will have you fanning yourself both from the exertion of laughter as well as other reasons.~~Elyssa Edwards, e-Muse-zine

As I read the book, I came to love the characters and their many varied peculiarities. Gareth and Chrysanthemum are the main characters, but everyone else is also bigger than life. My favorite part of the whole story was Percy, the dragon...~~Ashley, Fallen Angel Reviews

So later today, I will start playing around with the little things I'll be giving away at the convention. I'll be using a Dremel to drill and stuff. This should be soooo interesting. Heh. We'll see how I do. If things don't work out, I may end up giving away magnets! And I'll have enough chopsticks to eat Chinese food for the next three years. Wish me luck!


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  1. I already have your book but I will buy it again in print at RT just to get your signature. So proud of your awesome accomplishments. You deserve every bit of praise you receive. love ya.

  2. Yes, always good to know someone is actually reading and liking your books other than reading them and thinking 'what a load of crap'

  3. I still can hardly wait to see how Pansy the Tooth Fairy fits into Daffodil! Maybe then I can finish that second poem...('blonde moment' last week...see AJ's blog post:)

  4. Loved Molly's poem. Too cute!
    You have quite a collection of fans, Ms. Anny:)