Saturday, April 26, 2008

Power Nap

Since our return from Pittsburgh, there seems to be a crying need for the afternoon power nap. I haven't quite decided why this is. While I know that many of my cohorts were up until the wee hours of the morning, that was not the case for the househunk and me. We actually were able to fit in as much sleep as we normally do. So why so tired?

I haven't a clue. Perhaps it was all the rushing around at the convention. Perhaps I wore myself out waiting for elevators and talking to complete strangers. It could be that the book signings were too exciting for me. I don't know. What I do know is that I've been crashing on a daily basis, requiring power naps every afternoon before I can muster up the energy to cook dinner.

We arrived home in the midst of a roaring thunderstorm. After rushing to empty our SUV before we were drowned, we carted everything upstairs to our apartment, dumped it on the living room floor and there it remains. I suppose I must put everything away some day, but I can't seem to generate much interest in doing so. Of course, laundry day is slowly but surely approaching and then I'll have to at least dig the laundry out of my bags.

The worst is my tendency to yawn and nod over my writing. It seems that if I can't keep myself awake with my stories, then how can I expect them to interest someone else? I've tried all sorts of things to prop the old eyeballs open... coffee, tea, walking, a shower, doing dishes. Sad when you're draped over the sink half-awake while you try to load the dishwasher. I've just healed up from the last time I stabbed a finger...

I'm in my third week of Vitamin D therapy so I hope that when I finish the current course of treatment, that I'll be more alert. I have this little idea for a romance between a were-tiger and a were-rabbit, but I would like to be awake when I write it. It's going to require some delicacy, obviously. After all, I wouldn't want the were-tiger to snack on the bunny because I was sleeping at the helm. Do you think it would be too cute if she had a job as a waitress in a bunny costume?

And Bishop, bless his little pea pickin' heart is still waiting for me to get on with his story. He would like to move past the rough spots so he can get to the good stuff with Samara. Of course, she's not nearly as anxious as she's ticked off at him right now. I need to devise a strategy to change her mind.

Well, for now I think I'll close up shop and toddle off to bed. Tomorrow is another day. Who knows? Perhaps I'll even unpack my suitcase. That would probably prevent me from stumbling over it, right?

Blessings on your day!


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  1. Yeah, I'm feeling that here...usually I'm like the eveready bunny on speed but not at the moment. Must be the weather or global events or just life stuff. Sleep well

  2. Anny,
    I think Amarinda is right. I never left my normal schedule, didn't travel, or do anything out of the ordinary. I have been exhausted this week. Maybe we just need to rest more for a few extra days and not try to force ourselves to stay awake. Then go to bed early. If we do that, maybe we will catch up. At least that's my current plan for when finals are over. *Two more weeks. :) Hoping the exhaustion leaves us all soon.

  3. Hey Anny,
    Love the pic and love the story idea.

  4. No not too cute at all! And snacking on the bunny might, er, be, er, appropriate given the right context.

  5. Um, you'll only stop stumbling over your suitcase if you actually put it away after emptying it.

    I must have my boss read this plus the comments so she knows it's not just me who's over-tired these days. She's a real sweetheart who worries about me and I'm having trouble getting used to that.

  6. You know you're the third person I've heard mention were-bunnies lately. I must say it beats the were-ferret idea someone had...

  7. I've been exhausted, too, but I figure I'm not completely over my bronchitis.