Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tourist Phishing...

In less than two weeks I'll be on the road, spending money for gas, food, and a hotel. There's been quite a bit of discussion in our household about what form the money will be in.

In a better day, I would simply take my bank card, but after the last couple big conventions in Romanceland, there were outcrys of outrage because credit card and debit card numbers were stolen at those events. Having my bank accounts ripped off is not the kind of souvenir I want to bring home.

Ultimately I think I might load money on one of the WalMart Money cards--or something similar. That way there is a limit to how much money I can possibly lose. They work sort of like the old traveller's checks. Does anyone remember those?

It used to be that you had to worry about pick pockets. Now instead of your pocket, the thieves take the money right out of your bank. Sort of cuts out the middle man (us) I guess. One way or another, it takes some of the joy out of traveling but I refuse to let them take it all away.

For better or worse, I'm gonna smile.



  1. Oh yeah...I remember travellers cheques very well.

  2. Good idea, Anny! Have fun at Romanticon.

  3. I've never used the pre-loaded cards. I've given 'em as gifts, though. That's a good thought.

    I have one credit card that has a $2K spending limit on it. I asked the company to leave it that low. that's the only one I use when I travel, so it's easy to know if something shows up wonky on it.

    Have fun in Ohio -- wish I could get there, but I've got 2 other trips in October and couldn't squeeze in another one.

  4. I love my prepaid credit card:) That way if someone does steal my number, they're going to be very disappointed in the small amount.