Friday, October 2, 2009

Warm Snuggly Reading

So do you need something to warm you up now that the nights are cool and the darkness falls earlier and earlier?
Maybe you need something to jumpstart your lovelife? Something to give you a naughty idea or two to spring on your significant other?
Or maybe you just want a satisfying love story with a wonderful ending--a happily ever after is always guaranteed...
When you pick up a book from Ellora's Cave. Click on the link and check out the wonderful choices now. Who knows? You may not even need that cup of hot chocolate to keep you warm...



  1. These will all do the trick! Great books.

  2. Wishing great sales to all of the above.
    Happy Friday, Ms. Anny.

  3. Wow what a surprise, finding me here. Thanks so much for including Chaos, Anny. I'm honored.

  4. Ditto what Barb just said. I'm honored. Thanks so much for the mention, Anny!