Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Family that rocks together...

They say it takes a village to raise a child. It takes a family to get one lowly author ready for a convention. I know. Other authors seem to manage just fine so what's my hangup?

Well, as usual, I have too much ambition. This was the to-do list for today.

1) Spray remaining rocks gold.
2) Try the new fabric transfer on a shirt.
3) Two quick loads of laundry (wash ruined shirts to see if it was possible to use them).
4) Pack remainder of luggage.
5) Try new fabric transfers on ruined shirts. *Make note--read directions carefully so you don't end up with transfer on a perfectly good pillow case.*
6) Go to store for new make-up as old make-up is over two years old.
7) Rub transfers on gold rocks.
8) Figure out how to wash/dry the linings on your Mammoth Crocs. *Hint--turn inside out and place in front of fan to dry if you plan to wear them sometime this century.*
9) Rub transfers on gold rocks. *Round up more helpers!*
10) Finish last wax job on face. *Make sure your grandchildren are present to critique the performance.*
10) Clear spray the finished rocks.
11) Attempt number...3? to make fabric transfer work on shirts. *Hint!!! Peel off the backing so transfer will stick to shirt!*
12) Have dinner. *Make sure you have a daughter and son-in-law handy to prepare said dinner.*
13) Write blog. *Entire family has gone to bed, exhausted by the last minute chores, leaving Nanna to ponder the list of things she might have forgotten.*

Truly. Without the help of my family, I wouldn't be ready to go. Every one of them from the smallest to the house hunk have pitched in with ideas, physical help, and encouragement. The reason I'll have a good time this weekend is because they've been there for me.

Thank you, guys!



  1. That's a long list! Good thing you have help.
    Have a great time!

  2. Very glad they helped! See you tomorrow!

  3. Ahhh, help is WONDERFUL. It truly DOES take a village. HA. Will see you on Friday. All this preparation will soooo be worth it.