Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting ready for RomantiCon--Part Two

Today was round two of the Great Mustache and Beard Wax-Off. Actually, most of the hair came off with the second wax-off. One last pass near the end of the week should finish off any of the stray hairs.

This time it was more of a family affair with my two granddaughters closely observing the process. D, the five year old was particularly anxious to get in on the actions. After J daubed the first dollop of warm wax on my chin, D excitedly asked if she could "rip off Nanna's hair?" She was quite disappointed when her Mama said no. There was a faint gleam of sadistic mischief in her eyes until J ripped off the first square. Then D squinched up her eyes and demanded, "Doesn't that hurt, Nanna?"

"Uh, yeah."

On it went. Daubs of wax, ripping whiskers. T, observing that there were a sprinkling of hairs left behind, declared that we would be able to pull those out with her "super pliers." Now, I just want to say that you probably thought I have ordinary whiskers...but noooo. My whiskers require the super pliers!

Turns out that she meant her super tweezers, but we spent a good while laughing about the super pliers. Every time, J started to rip off that next square of cloth, we started giggling so it took longer than it might have otherwise.

The girls were fascinated with all the little hairs sticking out of the cooled wax. In that ghoulish way that kids seem to have, they rubbed their fingers over the prickly hair and came up with some outlandish ways to re-use the hairs. Probably, T's was the most absurd when she observed that the hairs felt exactly like the bristles on baby toothbrushes. Sigh. Kids.

Both of them took great satisfaction in telling me that most of the hairs were white. Well, duh. I could have told them that! The beard usually matches the hair on your head. Thank goodness for Feria #74!

When J finally declared she was finished for this time, the girls told her that she couldn't do the next time until after they came home from school for that day. They don't want to miss the exciting adventures of the Great Wax-Off, Part Three!


PS: Jae, e-mail me. I have your answer and some tips!


  1. OWWWWW!!!! The things we do to beautify! Crazy.

  2. You are too funny:)
    Hello to T and the rest of the crew.

  3. Sigh. Are you SURE you cant fax J over here? I only have boys, and they're just no use at all...