Thursday, August 2, 2007

Cooking the Books

Word Count-
Monday 23rd 10,519
Tuesday 24th - 11,152
Wednesday 25th - 12,825
Thursday 26th - 15,895
Friday 27th - 16,902
Saturday 28th - FLE project
Sunday 29th - Read a book
Monday 30th - Revamped Website
Tuesday 31st - 18,424
Wednesday 1st - 20,183

Okay, caught up to today and I'm still writing so I'll post that later. This is for the naysayers that wonder if I gave up. No, I'm still panting along with my tongue hanging out. Will finish this book if it kills me. In the meantime, some fine soul can do the arithmetic and tell me how many words I wrote. I make it as a little less than 10,000. Ack! I need more, I need more.

Where are all the words when you need them? What if you could put them in a pot, stir 'em around for a bit and pour in whatever shaped pan you needed? Say... a heart for romance, or a six-shooter for a western, or a space ship for sci-fi. See? Wouldn't that be easier than sloggin out the words in front of a computer, getting carpel tunnel syndrome and a widening butt?

I have an acquaintance who couldn't quite get that writing is work. She used to drop by when ever, park her butt in a chair and say to me, "So, what's new?" Well, duh, what do you think? It pains me to admit it, but I finally quit answering the door or the phone. One day she asked me about it. "I was standing in your hall and I could hear your dog barking...?" So I very firmly replied that I never answered the phone or door when I was working on a project. And actually, that's the truth because of her. So I guess she really did me a service after all.

Anyway, I digress, as usual. Sometimes, the words just aren't there. All the BICHOK (butt in chair, hands on keyboard) in the world won't amount to a hill of beans. Then it's time to go do one of those jobs you've been putting off for months. You know the ones...laundry, dishes, vacuming, making the bed. I find that the minute I hit the bedroom and start messing with the sheets, that all sorts of dialogue and scenarios come welling up. Wonder why that is?

That never happens when I'm doing dishes...



  1. oh yeah, I am completely anti-social when it comes to getting a book finished. I sit in my flanno pj's, eat junk food and pretend I'm not home.

  2. At WORK, AJ? I know you do most of your writing there.

    Anny, truly wise, as always. I refuse to answer the phone when I'm working. Unfortunately, my couch is in full sight of the windowed front door, side window, and long front-of-house double windows. Damn. Stuck there, eh? Need curtains or just AJ standing guard in her scary hair and flannelettes.

  3. At work it's different. I am really good at looking like a care