Saturday, August 4, 2007

Crazy Blog Serial Episode Seventeen

For those of you who have just discovered the Crazy Blog Serial, the first twelve episodes are on my website, bookshelf page, scroll down until you find the books marked blog.

We've really enjoyed our ongoing saga. We hope you have, too. All comments or suggestions are always welcome!


Seventeen) Anny: She squirmed against him until it dawned on her that her action was having a distinct effect on his lower body. Instantly, she froze, staring in his eyes like a trapped rabbit.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” he whispered in her ear.

Her voice trembled nervously. “Rinalda.”

“I think we should leave those two to sort out their own problems, Rinalda. We could find someplace private to explore just how practiced you are with your peeler,” he muttered suggestively. “Don’t you want to know what it’s really like?”


“You’re a cute little thing, Rinalda. We’ll have some fun, and then if you still want to kill me, I’ll just have to arm wrestle that peeler away from you.”

“You can’t do that!” she protested in horror. “That’s forbidden!”

His embrace tightened as he pressed her closer. “I want you, Rinalda. Something about you sends my phallax nerve endings into overdrive. Please don’t leave me wanting the silken touch of your peeler.”

She whimpered as he caressed her spine. So close. So close that her quills stood on end. “All right,” she moaned softly. “Find us a private shelter and I will wield my peeler so skillfully that you will only feel exquisite pleasure!”


  1. I have a feeling the virgin Rinalda has more than just a peeler up her sleeve..."is that a peeler in you pocket or are just glad to see me?"

  2. Charlene LeathermanAugust 4, 2007 at 11:28 PM

    Now how can I beat a comment like that?

  3. You should have seen the one she sent privately: Rafe and Rinalda sounds like a magic act. And she's right, ya know.

    Since Anny has switched the focus from Emmeline and Shade, I'm gonna have to see where this bloody thing is taking us.

    Arm yourselves, people, I see a peeler revolt in our future.

  4. Yeah go for a potato masher instead

  5. Now that's interesting as my neighbor--she who cannot use her new peeler--said she couldn't wait until the story got to the place where Emmeline needed a potato masher and hauled out the humming peeler instead.