Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Saga of Louella and Sam

As usual, Amarinda shifted gears and changed the blog in startling ways. Here was her take on it yesterday...

“Oh for heaven sake I cannot watch this Emmeline crap any longer. Fangs, peelers, yellow quills? Turn the television off!” Louella had seen more than enough. “How much longer do I have to be here?” If she had to stay a moment longer Louella knew she was going to puke.

“Until the danger passes.” Sam Patterson watched the woman with interest. She was cranky as hell but deliciously hot to look at.

“It’s been two bum numbing weeks!” Witness protection? Witness boredom more like it.

“Duh, remember your life is in danger.” She was hot but thick…like something else he could think of.

“I’m in danger of being bored to death.”

“Hey I’ve done my best to keep you busy.”

“How? By watching schlock 1960’s television shows about warrior women who carry humming potato peelers and men who don’t know their phallax from their foot?” Louella snorted in disgust.

“You are a hard woman to please.”

“You have no idea” Louella licked her lips and looked at him thoughtfully. “We could have some fun together Sammy.”

“I am not doing that again.” He liked adventure but there were limits even with a beautiful woman.

“Come on you liked it.” Louella remembered vividly how it felt and tasted. She moved towards him

“It made me too hot.” Sam knew he had almost lost control last time and that was not on. He was there to protect this woman.

“But it was worth it.” She placed her hand on his chest. His heart beat wildly. Good to know she was not the only one excited.“Oh yeah but…”“No buts,” Louella slid her hand down his body. “Let’s do it again Sammy boy.”

Sigh. What's a girl to do? Well, I suppose I should give Louella what she wants...

“Oh, all right,” he grumbled. “But I get to go first and you have to make the popcorn this time. Not too much butter, either! It’s bad for my cholesterol!”
“But I like butter!” she pouted.

Ignoring her snit, he went to set up the table and game board. He was pretty sure she was cheating, which was something that always lit his fuse, but he couldn’t figure out how she was doing it. The chances of drawing the j, z, q, and x but not one u or blank six times in a row had to be millions to one. He set the bag of tiles on the game board and went to get a pad of paper and pencil. This time he was going to win!

In the kitchen, Louella pulled the steaming bag from the microwave and ripped it open. Taking a ecstatic breath, she smiled and dumped it in a bowl, sprinkled it with extra garlic salt and grabbed a soda from the refrigerator. Sam was so easy. If he ever found out that she was the premier cheater in the world, he would never play with her again.

She scowled at that depressing thought. Until she was placed in witness protection for squealing on Vinnie the Gun, she had been hard pressed to find anyone to play with. If Sam quit playing with her… maybe she should let him win this time. After all, there was always next time.

Once they were seated, Sam drew his tiles from the bag and set them one at a time on his rack. S… E… X…

So tune in tomorrow to see what bold new direction Miss Kelly takes us in.

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  1. She's a genius, isn't she folks? Turned innuendo into a game of scrabble. I love scrabble. And I know exactly where to take this. heehee.

  2. Take it wherever you want...I change it anyway. As for sexy scrabble, only you Anny could do that