Saturday, August 25, 2007

End of Summer and Episode Thirty Five

Summer is nearly over. Where did it go? It was only yesterday when I was looking forward to warmer days and maybe, just maybe some time at the swimming pool. This last week was the final week the pool was open and guess what? It rained all week. Next week with the beginning of school, the pool will be closed. I bet it's hot all week.

And then it will be open Labor Day weekend. Done. Does anyone else remember when school didn't start until after Labor Day? Am I the only one? And school used to be finished by Memorial Day. Summer was June, July, and August. Now the kids get out of school in late June and go back in August. Early August in some states. What happened to summer?

Soon the shift over to year round school will be complete.

I used to work for a school district so I know the back story of summer. Summer is when the custodial and maintenance staff have time to paint, remodel, repair and all those other things that need to be done to make schools safe and clean places for our kids. If there are never any summer breaks, when will that be done? Floors are stripped and cleaned, sometimes rooms are rearranged or relocated. And there was never enough time to finish all the work.

Well, I wish all of the teachers, staff, and parents good luck this coming year. Summer is over.


It's my turn for the Emmeline saga, so here's episode thirty-five. Enjoy!

There was a low booming roar followed by a tremendous explosion in the Galactic Dimension Port. As the dust settled, Reginald bellowed, “Emmeline, where the hell are you?”

Rinalda peered at the pilot’s desk. “Rafe and Shade are gone, too. What happened?”

Floyd straightened up and pointed at the picture revealed through the huge hole in the wall. “That’s what happened! Queen Zahara’s been playing with the Universal Remote Buttons again!” he stalked over to the hole and glared at the queen. “You idiot! What have you done with them?”
* * * * *

Emmeline writhed helplessly in the soft gelbed as Shade moved around the small dimly lit cell, soft whistling through his teeth. Rafe sat in the control room monitoring the perimeters for unwanted visitors while he intently studied Emmeline’s peeler. At last, there would be no more waiting. The bonding was assured.

When all was ready, Shade joined Emmeline on the gelbed, cuddling her in his strong arms against his broad chest. The golden quills running down her spine rippled wantonly beneath the gentle caress of his hands.

She brushed her mouth over the hard contours of his chest, licking and nibbling at the flesh, savouring the delicious scent of chocolate that oozed from his pores. Yes! This was what she needed and wanted!

Holding her close, Shade rolled with her until she was sprawled on top of him skin to skin with her soft green quills cushioning his scaly phallax. She moaned. He groaned. The barbs on her quills pierced his phallax.

With a final bellow of pain, Shade fainted.

As you know, Amarinda is out of town, but she'll be back tomorrow at and if you missed yesterday's episode introducing Queen Zahara, go right over there for a squizz.

Today Kelly is posting an excerpt from my book Chrysanthemum on her blog. Trot right over to for a look-see.


  1. So they've mated according to Anny and according to AJ, she turns into a twin eh? Is this what you two left me with? Hmm. I'll have to see what I can work up.

    School. I love school. My kids started last Wednesday allowing me lots of time to write. Sigh. Happy happy school dayz.

  2. I believe that AJ said it was a RUMOR that they turn into male twins. See? A RUMOR!

    When my kids were home, I always LOVED when school started.

  3. I love school...I get my computer back and the creative juices flowing again. Will decided to be a 'clinging vine' on Thurs, so had to bring him home. He did take a nap though!

    He also got accepted into Head Start, beginning after Labor Day. I hope he does better in that setting...and I'll have my mornings to myself again!!!

  4. Head start is a great program... and the cabooses in the family usually benefit from it in big ways. Enjoy your kidless time!

  5. I plan on it...I've a free aquamassage coupon from a local chiropractor, and intend to use it the 2nd day:)

  6. There you go. Sounds like a great plan to me.

  7. Or they could turn into puppy dogs, bats, chairs, blankets...depends on how stressful work is Tuesday as to my frame of mind