Friday, August 17, 2007

Writers of the Blog

Recently there has been considerable discussion on various writer's chat loops regarding the importance and effectiveness of writing a blog every day or week or even once a month. Let me say immediately that I believe that a blog only has a chance if the writer posts entries at least every other day. My experience has been that readers will get in the habit of checking for new entries. And a habit can just as easily be broken if the writer doesn't give the reader a reason to come back.

On the other hand, if the writer has nothing to say day after day except a series of announcements or excerpts from their books, after a while the readers will find something else to spend their valuable time on. I would. So blogging for a writer is a combination of journal, news and promotion. Hopefully, the promotion doesn't overtake the blog, but is just enough to pique the interest of the potential reader.

I have noticed a recent rash of guest blogging and I'm of two minds about that. On the one hand, a guest blogger introduces the reader to someone new, hopefully, and also offers the guest blogger a newer, wider audience. On the other hand, when I go to My Favorite Blogger's site, I expect to read something from that blogger. It's sort of like going to read Ann Lander's column and getting Dear Abby instead. Not bad, but not what you expected. And of course, there's always the danger that I might like Dear Abby better!

I have tried to make my blog a place where my readers can get to know me--something about my past, present and future plans. What makes me tick? What ticks me off? And most importantly what kind of writer am I? After all, before you buy one of my books you might want to know whether or not I'm boring as white rice. I hope not.

If you are a regular reader of this blog by now you know that I am one of the writers of the Crazy Blog Serial which alternates between three blog writers, each of us writing a segment in turn. Naturally, the key is to make it just off the wall enough to be a challenge for the next writer and not off the wall enough to send the readers screaming to some other blog out there in blogland.

Since I'm assuming (silly person that I am) that you've read my blog often enough to know me now, I thought perhaps I ought to introduce my co-conspirators in blog crime so you can realize just how talented they are. So, below is a brief bio and a blurb about their work. Enjoy.

Amarinda Jones believes anything is possible and sometimes just asking for the impossible will surprise someone enough that they will give it to you. Writing is like that. Put it out there and wait for a response. There is always the possibility you may fall on your ass, but after all, that's what cellulite is for. Amarinda believes in taking chances, speaking her mind and aging disgracefully. Twenty years from now she plans on being the neighborhood witch that all the kids are scared of. But then, everyone has to have a hobby.

Thief of Mine By Amarinda Jones

It's not unusual for the bride to have sex on her wedding day. But when the bride is begging for another man to take her hard and fast in front of a startled bridesmaid, that's unusual. Not that Stella Rowallan wanted to watch. She walked in on it and now she can't walk out. The man taking the bride is bad, wild and hot. Stella knows she should be appalled. But she's not. She wants him. What is it with bad boys that make them so damn good?

But all bad boys have a past and Kit Kincaid is no different. He is a self-confessed thief who likes to have sex in wild, daring places. And Stella Rowallan is just his type of woman — shockable, yet willing. But he has a problem. A freaky witch woman and her followers are chasing him for a stolen stone idol. Kit has it and he plans to sell it. Can he have both Stella and the idol or does something have to give?

Kelly Kirch spent her early childhood globetrotting through international schools and inventing stories to entertain herself during long trips back to the States. After a whirlwind internet romance in college, she settled into marriage with the perfect man, resulting in two perfect children and a less than amiable cat.

Having written in other genres as well as Regency romances, she encourages others interested in writing to visit the national Romance Writers of America website which has been invaluable to her success. And when not writing you can find her... oh, wait, she always writing. Scrap that.

A Time For Love by Kelly Kirch is a Regency-Set Historical Romance. Coming March 13, 2008!

Sarah Hanson opens her eyes to a darkly sexy man leaning over her and the strains of a waltz playing in the background. Further, she is no longer dozing in the taxi escorting her from the job where she was just fired but inhaling the strong scent of beeswax and dressed in Regency era clothing.

Lord Drake Hayworth, rake extraordinaire, is unable to reconcile his sudden attraction to the shelved miss who is meant to chaperon the daughter of a dear friend. Uniquely from every other female he has known, he is keenly aware of the differences between her and his new fiancé--the young woman Sarah escorts.

As Sarah develops lasting relationships, she discovers the unconditional love of family and a passion for a man she is not meant to have, in a time she may not be able to keep. And for Drake, finding a pliable bride to marry so he can claim the last of his inheritance has become decidedly more difficult now that Sarah has turned his ordered life on its head. and

Now you know why the Crazy Blog Serial is so unusual. Three writers with wildly different styles working on one story...



  1. That's why I didn't post but once a week when I first started...I wanted to say something intelligent,not just promos for my work. And I didn't want to make it a daily 'what I did today' thing. But I believe I've finally discovered my inner blog 'voice'...I'm no longer 'stealing' ideas from other blogs...okay, I still do it, but now I give credit where credit is due! I hope I'm mixing it up with humor, intelligence, and a little personal promotion as well...and having fun at the same time:)

  2. I so should have coordinated better with you and AJ today! But I can't be sorry having Bronwyn on my site!!

    You did a fab job Anny and thank you for "blog flogging" me. In light of our offloop discussions, I had a little chuckle over your message.

  3. Gee whizz...can't think where this idea came from...but as always you are right. You have have to put an effort into everything in life. Sure, you want peeople to like and read your your books. However if you make no effort to enetrtain your readers or try to understand them in your pursuit of sales - your blog is worthless.. Readers are smart. Unfortunately some writers will never get that.

  4. Hey Molly-girl, didn't you say you had a blog now too? Can't find you to leave a comment or read. I like your site ( for those of you who don't know) so where can I feed back?