Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Writing around the block and Episode Thirty-Two

For some time now, I've been struggling with my current work in progress. It's sort of like wading through quick sand. I've almost reached the point where I would like to throw it against a wall. Of course, when your manuscript is on a computer hard drive, that's a bit difficult. Can't afford a new computer at the moment.

So the next best thing is to move on to something else for a while. I have the first chapter of a time travel story. That might be something to drag me out of my funk. Or I could work on the next Mystic Valley story. I left Bishop working with the woolies (a species of sheep) and I'm sure he would like to get out of the barn. My friend wants me to write a story for Nanny Anny, a character from Honeysuckle. That would liven things up a bit.

As you can see, the block isn't about a lack of story ideas. It could be that there are too many stories churning around in my tiny mind. Too many stories with not enough time or energy to write them down. Actually, time probably isn't the correct word. Probably I should have used impetus or drive. Yep, that's it. I'm not driven to write. I'm plodding along and I hate plodding.

Look at that. I never knew that about myself before. I knew I wasn't a plotter, but never thought about also not being a plodder. Huh. Of course that would explain why I enjoy writing the Crazy Blog so much. There's no time for time to worry over plot points and whether this or that turn of events is realistic. It's just a matter of sitting down and writing, hoping that your crazy entry somehow makes sense with the crazy entries before.

It may just be that I slacked off from my self imposed deadlines. That's the very worst about working for yourself alone at home. No one's looking over your shoulder telling you to get cracking and quit screwing around with the plot. No one is tapping their watch and asking where the next chapter is???

Well, I must get back to the story and finish the next chapter. Perhaps I'll reward myself. When I finish the chapter, I'll have a Tim Tam with a cup of coffee and then go work on Bishop's problems. The Tim Tam alone would be worth it, but I have some possibilities churning in my brain. Bishop is so in trouble. Yep, that's what I'll do.

In the meantime, Amarinda and Kelly left me in the lurch, what with their blue pens and double phallax's and Wardoverian Ambassadors! What to do? Well, I think I turned things around quite neatly. See what you think:

Emmeline leaned back against the pillows and thought furiously. Obviously, she had little time to rectify the approaching collision of forces. Too many dimensions to juggle. Too little time to set it right. Wearily, she stood and surveyed the room sadly. This didn’t seem to be a bad place to retire, but she had work to do. With a snap of her fingers, she disappeared. It was the work of mere seconds to blink in and out of the kitchen after retrieving her peeler. With a sad shake of her head, she appeared in the control room of the Galactic Dimension Port.

The captain frowned at her precipitate entry. “What happened?” he demanded abruptly. “You’re supposed to be in dimension thirty-two.”

Emmeline shrugged angrily. “Well, I’m not, Captain Reginald, and do you know why? I’ll tell you why! Your Commander Fleetfoot’s counterpart in dimension twenty-eight dragged me into dimension twenty-nine, where incidentally, you’re an incredibly ugly red creature!”

The captain was taken aback at her impatient explanation. “Then what?” The twin science officers, Shade and Rafe, moved closer so they could hear what she had to say.

She gestured toward the twins. “For some reason, in the thirtieth dimension, those two turned into women--and they had a blue pen.” She squinted thoughtfully. “I think somebody has a dimension interrupter. I bet it’s the two younger elders back in dimension twenty six. What were their names?” She tapped her chin thoughtfully.

Wide-eyed, Rinalda looked up from her computer screen. “Oh, I think you must mean Amarinda and Kelly. If they truly have a dimension interrupter, we’re in big trouble.”


If you missed yesterday's installment, check with Amarinda at and of course, drop in at Kelly's place tomorrow to check out what she does now!


  1. I love this:) Thanks for cracking me up this am, after a huge fight with the kids!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one with too many storylines in her head!

    Maybe I need to start writing down every word of my grouchy teens and inject it into one of my characters in my YA story...oh wait...that's another one...

  2. “Oh, I think you must mean Amarinda and Kelly. If they truly have a dimension interrupter, we’re in big trouble.”

    I love it, simply love, and I am still laughing my heart out. I've been MIA with too many problems with Mom's health, grandbabies to babysit, and setting a group blog. Should have come to Emmeline to relax and laugh!!!!

  3. Uh. Huh. Now where did Anny put my Blue Pen?

  4. Charlene LeathermanAugust 22, 2007 at 2:47 PM

    So that's we are all doing - interfering or creating inter-dimensional adventures. And I thought I just had a wild imagination. I never realized that I was only a reciever of inter-dimensional signals.
    Wow! I have a new title
    Charlene Leatherman
    Transcriber of Inter-Dimensional Signals. I may put that on my blogs!!!

  5. I really need a dimension interrupter.

  6. I need a new peeler.

    I zapped a zombie last night and fried the thing.