Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Crazy Blog Serial Episode Twenty

Yes, believe it or not, it's my turn to inject some sanity into the peeler/chocolate/phallax saga!

The dog and I just came back from our morning walk. It's already miserably hot out so fortunately she was content to stay mostly in the shade this morning. We explored new territory today. A discarded hot dog wrapper required extensive investigation. And when she chased a bird into the bushes, she found out why the birds like to nest in the thorn bushes. No permanent damage, though. Last night when we went out, she encountered a frog. She's still mystified by the "lump" that hopped away.

For those who missed the first eighteen episodes of the Crazy Blog Serial, they're up on my bookshelf on my website at - just scroll down the bookcase and look on the left side.

Episode nineteen is at Amarinda's page and after I see what I can do, then tomorrow it will all be up to Kelly at

Well, I've stalled long enough. Please enjoy the continuing adventures of Emmeline, Shade, Rafe, and Rinalda!

“Wait!” Rinalda pleaded. “I know where the Companion is hiding! I can take you to him!”

Rafe scowled at her suspiciously. “How do we know it’s not a trick?”

“We don’t,” Shade pointed out. “But we don’t have any information right now, so some is better than none. I say we find out what she has.”

Emmeline shook her head at their naiveté. Clearly they still hadn’t learned their lesson. No one could be trusted. No one. “Tie her up and make it snappy before the zucchinis awaken,” she commanded abruptly. “Then if she still wants to lead us to the Companion, I’ll consider the possibilities. In the meantime, I’m sure there are more spies from the Quadro watching us. We need to move on.”

With Rinalda securely bound, Rafe took her elbow and led the way into the wilds of the Turquoise Mountains. Rinalda turned her head to look back at Shade. “How did you know I was a SLUT?”

“I saw you at the compound when I delivered the weekly allotment of Triple Chocolate Ice Cream. You were in the training yard.” Shade whistled. “I’ll say this for the SLUTs. There were some good looking women training there.”

Rinalda gasped. “You peeked? You saw us naked?”

Emmeline snorted in disgust and pointed her peeler at Rinalda. “What do you think? Of course he peeked! He’s a man. It’s what men do.”

Rinalda blushed in mortification. “But he saw my zhazhama! No man’s ever seen my zhazhama!”

“I have,” Shade countered smugly.

“Me, too,” Rafe admitted. “I delivered the weekly allotment of Double Mocha Lattes.”

“Dumber than stumps,” Emmeline muttered as she holstered her jeweled peeler. “All their brains are in their phallaxes.”



  1. zhazhama????

    I would hate to have to type that several times a page. Or even to say it? HOW do you pronounce zhazhama? One must know how to say these things in case one runs into, oh say, vibrating peelers.

    This just keeps getting better and better.

  2. Ah, remember Zha-Zha? Add ma to the end. I put the accent on the second syllable. zha-ZHA-ma!

  3. What can I say? A superlaitive effort as always. And the za-za thing had been wondering but then you are the one who came up with the 'peeler' so why not a za-za thing?

  4. This reads like a set up to a dirty joke. Gives me some ammo. wink wink. Though comment by our Ms. Morgan up there gives me very graphic ideas regarding anything vibratory, I think I'll try to keep it a bit cleaner. Just in case there are bloggers under 18 lurking about (I seriously need to write a quickie and get it out of my system).