Friday, August 3, 2007

Grab a seat on the bus...

Well! I had quite a day today! My husband and I went up to York, Pennsylvania to attend an Ellora's Cave author signing at the Borders Boodstore. Ellora's Cave Publishers have a bus with all the different logos painted on it. When we got there the bus was parked in the parking lot and it was great!

Then we went inside the store and met the authors who were there to sign their books. I'm so happy to tell you that they were a delightful group of ladies. Judy Mays, Cris Anson, Tara Nina and Lorie O'Clare were some of the nicest women you would ever want to meet.

Of course, I was really excited about meeting authors whose books I'd read. How wonderful to meet the women behind the stories. But the biggest thrill came when Judy introduced me to the others and one of them said, "I know that name! You're Anny?" Now how cool is that? Somebody knew my name!

I watched everything and learned a lot about the entire process... because next time around I want to be one of those authors signing my books. Ladies, thank you so much for everything--for answering questions, for allowing my husband and I to poke through your promo items, and for the wonderful inscriptions in the books. I only hope that I can return the favor in the future.

When we arrived home I immediately called my neighbor and gave her a blow by blow account of the trip. Next time I'll have to drag her along with me!

It's kind of funny. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I'm one of them. I'll never forget the day I went to my local Borders and mentioned that I was an EC author. The manager immediately stopped ringing up my order and wanted to know when I could do a book signing? I remember looking over my shoulder and wondering "Who is she talking to?" Oh, that's me!

A week from now, my third book will be released. Time has whizzed by with amazing abandon. I can't believe that it's already time for Traveller's Refuge. Just like that, release day will be here and I'll be caught up in the thrill of seeing my cover on the home page. I have to tell you the truth. The thrill never goes away. Book one--or book twelve. And that makes it all worth it.



  1. You'll be signing books before you know it and I will be able to say "I know the famous Anny Cook." And you'll say to me "Who the hell are you again?"

  2. Not a chance! You are quite memorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I for one can't wait for Trav's story. Love Dancer and wanted Traveller in on the fun. Yay!

  4. Hey Anny,
    It was great meeting you, and everyone else. And believe me, even when you have forty books out, your tummy still does the flip-flop thing,and your palms still get damp. But there's no better feeling than getting a cramp in your hand from signing your name so many times. What a wonderful time! Here's to more signings together!!
    Lorie O'Clare

  5. Can't wait! Can't wait! Hope to meet up with you again!