Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Big Dream

If you belong to the romance world, author, publisher, or editor, you can't help being aware of the huge brouhaha with the RWA. Nah, don't go away. I'm not gonna write about it. I'm gonna write about dreams.

Once upon a time, back when I first started writing when I was in my twenties, there was only one route to publishing. That was with the big NY romance houses like Harlequin, Silhouette, Loveswept, and the zillion others that came and went. The problem with submitting to those houses was that it took money. Money for postage and paper. That was money that I sure didn't have.

So I kept writing, thinking that someday I would have the money. But the romance world changed on me. By the time I actually had a little money for postage and paper, romance had become not just a big business, but a HUGE business where your chances of selling a story depended on agents and conferences and a whole host of other variables. While I had money for postage and paper, there was not spare money for those other things.

When I discovered the world of digital publishing, it seemed that this might be my chance. No postage, paper, or agents required. If my story was compelling enough, then I had a chance after all. I was profoundly shocked and astonished when my first book was accepted. I was thrilled to death when people actually bought my book! People read my book and liked it!

I think in the last few months I've forgotten why I write. Ultimately, I write because I love to write. Sharing my stories with other people is a bonus. Whether I share them in digital format or print format or some other yet to be developed format doesn't matter. It doesn't make me less an author. It doesn't dilute my dream. I don't need to be a bestseller. Because I'm published. And that fulfills my dream.


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  1. I discovered that digital publishing fits into my life. I work full-time and with digital, most of my promo, editing, submission, etc., is online -- I can fit it into my schedule.

    Of course, I've never been Big Press Published, so maybe I could accommodate that as easily. But right now, Small Press fits me like a glove.

    Like you, I have stories to tell and I have publishers who want to share them with others. I love having digital & print -- it means I can reach more people that way.

    Win/win for me. RWA? I don't really care. I'm a member but not active, and a member only for the chapters, online & local. The national arm does nothing for me nor do I respect it as a 'voice of publishing'. But to have the local chapters, I've got to join the national, so ::shrug:: Who cares?

  2. Well, I for one am glad you get to share your stories. With me! (Okay, and all the other people who buy 'em.)