Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm talking here!

Have you ever noticed the minute you pick up the phone, everyone in the next three blocks has to talk to you immediately? And it's always an emergency? It's something so important it might just decide the fate of the world?

If you want peace and quiet, don't pick up the phone. Don't answer the phone. Don't even let the idea cross your mind. All will be like a zen garden at dawn.

However! If you take that call...then all hell will break loose. People will appear literally out of the woodwork. Children will scream. Sirens will howl. Your significant other (who you haven't seen in two weeks because it's football season) will suddenly leave his TV to track you down.

Heh. It never failed. When I started a telephone conversation, all four kids would find something that needed my immediate attention. With my kids it was never a minor emergency. Fire...flood...disaster. There was usually blood involved.

Now that the children are all grown, the house hunk has taken up the banner. The man can talk on the phone for hours with our son. But let me get on the phone with him and the house hunk instantly thinks of fourteen things he has to tell him right now. Oh, and by the way, isn't it time for lunch?

In self defense, telephone time is now late at night or during the day when the house hunk is gone to work. Amazing what you can accomplish without interruptions, isn't it?



  1. My son and husband get on the phone while the Cubs are playing and talk about the plays through the entire game.

  2. It always amazes me that my kids can be happily absorbed in TV, video games, or even a book....until Mommy gets on the phone. Suddenly they turn into helpless infants!

  3. I shall immediately call you throughout the day. I care for the growth o your personal relationships.

  4. Never fails. Phone rings, then someone knocks at the door, or the dog has to go out RIGHT NOW... yeah, there's some cosmic connection there somewhere.

  5. For me it's email. The minute I sit down to check my email, there is something I have to do, see, fix, hear, etc. Even Z has picked up the banner. He will play nicely on his mat until I get on the computer, then he just cant live another moment with out Momma right there.

  6. You're right! It never fails - from the DH down to the dogs, the sense of urgency kicks in when I'm on the phone.