Saturday, June 13, 2009


Heh. That would be me. I hired my neighbor to cook because I can't manage to cook a nice piece of meat properly. Either it's so done it's tough or it's so underdone it's still breathing...

I even do exactly what she tells me to do. And it's not happening. Of course, I'm also the one who can burn oatmeal. And boiling water.

On the other hand, I make a pretty good bread, a fair cup of instant cocoa, and a medium fried egg. In my world, everything is cooked in one pot--not because I don't own more pots but because that's my attention limit. One pot. Anything over that burns, boils over, or gets lumpy/clumpy.

How about you? What's your main dish?



  1. My best dish? Umm. It's a toss up between chili, stew, or an entire Thanksgiving Dinner. I love to cook Thanksgiving Dinner.

  2. From the family's many requests, I'd have to say Chicken Parm. They won't let me cook the big holiday dinners. Hmmm, I wonder why.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the roast. We can't be good at everything. Although I can (and love to) cook, I most certainly can't write and have only an iota of your imagination. Pat yourself on the back for that one.