Thursday, June 11, 2009

June Monsoons...

I have a feeling that the umbrella wouldn't have been enough this week. Every evening we've had raging thunder and lightning storms with heavy downpours. Hail, wind, and enough rain to flood our back yard. More is forecast for the rest of the week. Feels like monsoon season.

All the water helps the grass grow so fast that the mowers can barely keep up. And green? Yeah, it's a bright, bright green. I try to enjoy it everyday because around August when the dry doldrums hit, that grass will be sad...brown and dried out like straw.

The trouble with the monsoonal rains is that they happen in late afternoon and early evening. The sun shines all morning, building up the heat and humidity and then bamm! Just as people get on the road at rush hour or prepare to do a bit of shopping, down comes the flood.

We only have one vehicle and that means that most of our business is conducted once the house hunk gets home from work. Except for the last week, it's pretty much rained everyday. Hmmm. Maybe I should borrow the kitty's umbrella.



  1. stay dry and away from foot rot. Wonder how long it took the settlers to figure out the rains of June should be capitalized upon.

  2. We're still waitng for the ground to dry around here. Hubby's getting impatient. Especially when it rains every day except the weekends!

  3. Sorry, Anny, but I'm really loving this week. Soon as it started to lightning my head felt better. Let it storm!

  4. Curl up inside, stay dry and read a good book. :-)