Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chasing the Tale

Like a whirling dervish the author chases after their story, often running in circles as they rush to capture the elusive tale. Run, run, run. If they're a pantster like me, then it sometimes feels like an endless chase. Every time I think I have the story in my grasp--it slips away.

Then with shocking abruptness the story comes together before I'm prepared for it to be finished. Now what? I have that elusive furry tale firmly between my teeth, but how am I to let go? Surely all my hard work doesn't come down to this?

For me the toughest part of any story is getting started. I stalk around, trying to loosen those mental muscles, getting ready to run and yet I postpone the real chase reluctant to commit to the whirling rush. I know that once I take that final leap there will be no stopping until I've caught the tale. Then suddenly my time is up. I jump in, running, running, running until I grip my prize.

It's hard to let go after working so hard. But the back is kinking. The fur is getting kinda slimy. Yeah, it's time to unleash that tale and find a nice sunny spot to take a nap. There will be another chase tomorrow.



  1. I used to find it hard to let go of a story and just finish the damn thing. No longer. Now I usually can't WAIT to finish and send that puppy out the door.

  2. I tend to get stuck in the middle for some reason...but it feels so good when that block finally lifts!