Monday, June 15, 2009


Recently some fellow writers and I discussed the plethora (love that word) of romances with the CEO/Billionaire/VIP/SuperJock/SEAL heroes. Where are the everyman heroes, I asked. What's wrong with the accountants, the cable repairman, the auto mechanic? Are we really that hung up on the adrenaline junkies?

The paranormal heroes are even worse. For some reason, there don't seem to be very many paranormal heroes that are working stiffs. So many of them seem to be rich playboy types with not a lot of things to do except perhaps manage other paranormal types. Truly I don't have any bone to pick with rich guys, but I think I would find it more interesting to explore what an everyday guy would have to do to get along in the paranormal world.

As a matter of fact I have a work in progress about a poor vampire. He's old. Really, really old. Like from the Roman Empire. And broke. What's a vampire who lives below poverty level supposed to do when he still has to pay the rent and utilities? How many jobs are there out there that are available at night? Julius, my vampire, reluctantly takes on a job at the local paranormal night school where he teaches newbie vampires all the rules. His Vampire Bootcamp class is for those new vampires whose sires don't have time to teach them.

So far, I'm having fun with it. And Julius--a very old dog--is learning some new tricks, too.



  1. The heroes in all of my books are mostly everyday guys, sometimes a retired cop or Army guy, but often just a regular person, as are my heroines -- no kick-ass girls for me! I much prefer the 'normal person in unusual situation' kind of books!

    Hey: the verification word is "oidiva". Like Oi! Diva!

  2. Ha--the captcha is "unionso" As in, he's not union, so we kick his butt out?

    Seriously, one argument is that we're writing fantasies, and the HEA is a little less H if they're going to have to be scrimping and saving for the rest of their lives. And some of the paranormal types have had a lonnnng time to accumulate a portfolio.

    I like to think of my geeks as ordinary heroes, though academia is only ordinary to some. Mostly I like to mix it up--some ordinary, some not.

  3. Know what you mean about this. I get really tired of reading the ceo's who are gazillionaires. Every now and then I'll do a wealthy hero but it's mainly in the paranormal stuff. Probably because if someone has been around that long they'd have probably accrued a lot of money. Hey, just having a coin leftover from 500 yrs or more would be worth a fortune.

  4. I always write everyday heroes...what's the point of writing someone you don't know

  5. This story of yours is going to be a blast!

  6. My heroes are everyday normal guys.

  7. Vampire Bootcamp sounds really cool and I can't wait to read it.

    I think most of my heroes are normal guys - lately, one's a nurse, one owns a pet store, another's a computer geek... I've worried that my heroes are boring. I get tired, however, of all CEO's and adrenaline junkies all the time.

  8. Love the idea for your new book, Anny! It sounds original and fun.

    I've done my share of the kick-ass paranormal heroes and wealthy business men, but I've done working cops and farmers as well. One of my sexiest heroes is an ex-con who bakes and runs his own coffee shop.

    I agree with you. There are heroes to be found everywhere.