Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Supply and Demand

I saw a news piece today about Six Flags declaring bankruptcy. Now I understand about the need for income to cover maintenance and upkeep on the rides. I understand about the competition for bigger and better rides. I even understand the enormous staff it takes to keep a themepark running.


If you make the ticket price so high that no one can afford to buy them, then pretty soon, no one shows up to spend their hard-earned dollars at the park. And then you go out of business.

Another post listed five restaurant chains that will likely go out of business this year. Again, most of them can't compete at a fair price. And the customers are going some where else.

There's a fine line out there for businesses to walk. Too much? People go some where away. Not enough? The company goes bankrupt because there's not enough income. Yep, the economy is not doing so hot. But ultimately, it all boils down to supply and demand.


  1. We have a Six Flags about 1 and 1/2hrs from our home, been there once. If I'm going to spend that much for a theme park I'll go to Disney.

  2. Wow, I'm sorry to hear about Six Flags. Its an icon in the midwest. You're right about cost.

  3. Many businesses are struggling, but you're right, it is a fine line between making a business work and overpricing yourself.

    Hubby and I go to less movies now. The theatre continues to push ticket prices higher. If they'd keep them reasonable, more folks would go.

  4. Never been to Six Flags, but there is a wonderful amusement park over here which is smalleer; VERY clean; short lines; and free soft drinks. And waaaay more cheaper than King's Island! We hope to go back this year for daughter's birthday.

    And our movie theater has half-price night, with free popcorn. The spouse took me to see Star Trek a few weeks ago...$11.50 for the two of us.

    Our local pool now offers 2 Dollar Days...of course, this rain needs to let up before we can actually GO...and got word it may be closing next year. I hope it is just a nasty rumor!

  5. Last time I went to sixflags with the family, we had coke can discounts and it still cost us over 100 to get in. We bought two slices of pizza and a large drink to share at 24bucks. It was over 100 degrees that day. We broke down and bought a cup of water. $4. Seriously. We spent another 100 easily with staying hydrated. Won't do it again either. Even with the economy improves. We left there feeling financially raped.

  6. Six Flags over Texas is about a two hr. drive from us. Everything is soooo overpriced there. $5 for a coke. $4 for a bottle of water. Tickets are crazy expensive. When my kids got too old to care about theme parks, I was very relieved.