Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday, Monday

It was a looooong weekend at my house. The house hunk was off work on Friday so we went shopping all day. I believe I got sunburned which always wipes me out.

Then there was the partial rest/recovery on Saturday to prepare for the laundry day on Sunday. Ten loads of laundry. Have I mentioned I hate doing laundry? And the laundromat was packed. It's a huge laundromat and I tell ya, I've never seen so many people there before. Wow.

So Monday. Haven't accomplished any writing for three days so it's going to be a head to the keyboard kind of day. All day. I only have four more uninterrupted days to work before we go away to New York for the Independence Day weekend. Then we're bringing the grandkids back for two or three weeks of playtime. I suspect that I will not accomplish a lot of writing then.

Today the house hunk has to take our vehicle in for the 120K mile check up and we already know that we have to have transmission work done. They've arranged to give us a loaner vehicle while they're working on ours. It would be nice if we had grocery money left over after the car repairs.

Monday, Monday. I'm looking forward to things settling down for a few days. How about you?



  1. I am so looking forward to Friday...Mondays suck hugely

  2. I LOVE your new word counter!

    I got tossed unexpectedly into a job last week, and after only 4 days have been bumped up to assistant manager. What the hell was I thinking?? And this is the beginning of what they call Hell Week!

    Good news is, I get to set my own hours.

  3. Ten loads! Wow! You have that many clothes??? :)