Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Beefcake: a usually photographic display of muscular male physiques; also : a man of the type featured in such a display or such men in general
So, as lovely as these men are (and they're very lovely--I met them all) I've come to the conclusion that beefcake photos don't do much for me. Sad, I know, but I would rather have a beautiful picture of a lush flower on a bookcover than a half naked man.
Of all the covers on my books, my favorite is still Dancer's Delight. It was a beautifully put together cover with a gorgeous font and is still a delight to look at.

I know there are many attractive models out there who work hard and I understand everyone needs a job. But I have to wonder if the proliferation of sexier and more explicit covers really sells books. Am I the only one who would rather have a less explicit cover on my books?



  1. The shock factor is there; see a sexy cover, pick it up to see what it's about. But I'm with you; give me a tastefully designed cover and an eye-catching title which will entice readers to pick it up out of curiosity.

  2. My favorite is still Dragon in the System, which has no people at all. Didn't sell worth beans, unfortunately, so clearly I have no idea what I'm talking about.

  3. well, you know my thoughts on this. It's a business. Explcit in this business has the omg-what-the hell-are-they-doing-factor? But, and there always is one, for the sheer beauty factor I love the cover of Rose Perfect.

    And - on a side note - I have discovered that a lot of current covers are purchased for 75 cents and the in-house models are not so in-the-house any more - suggests cut backs...

  4. Flowers...beefcakes.
    Its a toss up.
    But....if you put chocolate on the cover, its a winner hands down in my book:)