Monday, March 8, 2010

Tell Monday to come back later...

Still no water. Maybe later today... in the meantime! Larkspur, my free Naughty Nooner set in the Camelot world is released today! Hop on over there and download it as soon as it's available!

Click on the book cover to check it out! Here's the blurb...

There’s nothing worse than a horny dragon in search of his mate. Rajah, second-in-command to Percival the Wise, is winging over the northern seas when he spies the lissome Larkspur fleeing, with pirates in hot pursuit.

Larkspur has dreamed about mating with a fabulous dragon of Chrystal Isle. When Rajah snatches her to the safety of his arms at the last possible moment, carrying her off to his lair, it leads to hours of hot lovemaking as he practices his most seductive wiles on his chosen mate.



  1. Congrats!!! I'll definitely pop over and check it out today!

  2. Happy Release Day! Sounds like another good one:)

  3. I'm a big fan of dragons! Checking it out now!

  4. Hello, I found you via a vanity search tonight and am downloading this story to read later.

    Congrats on your new story!

  5. Cool! Nice to meet you, Anny! I hope you really enjoy the story!