Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yarnia tales Two

There's nothing quite like the search for a specific crochet hook--especially when you don't know the brand. Yesterday after driving to three different establishments that sell yarn and hooks, it finally occurred to me that the internet was the only way to go.

Then it was a matter of looking...and looking...and looking...and you get the idea, I'm sure. There are thousands of sites with crochet hooks. I finally identified the particular brand and type of hook I was looking for.

Success!!! Every site I looked at didn't have the size hook I needed. So I checked site after site until I finally located a site that had the brand, type and size hook I needed.

Success!!! That site didn't have any way to order the hooks. I'm serious. No. Way. To. Order. They had an 800 number which I I could talk to an answering machine.

Back to the hunt. Twenty minutes later I located the hook at another site. Ordered. Done.


By the way, that site I ordered from? They had the hook in every size made. And I bought one of each. So for them, it was a WIN situation. It seems to me if you're going to sell something on the internet you ought to make it as easy as possible for the customer.

Ya think?



  1. Nothing's more frustrating when you can't order from an online store!
    Glad you found success.

  2. Ooh, looking forward to pictures of the end product!

  3. I haven't crocheted in years. Good luck with your afghan.