Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring renovations...

It must be something about spring. Maybe it's the freedom to finally go outside without a coat. Or maybe it's just the hint of green in the flowerbeds and the trees. But after all those months of being house bound, there's a sudden inescapable urge to go out and renovate that winter body.

The body doesn't need the winter insulation anymore (and besides, the summer shorts and tee-shirts are getting a bit past snug) so we haul our butts off the couch, talk about eating healthier, and head outside long enough to walk around the parking lot or possibly even around the block.

The househunk hauled me off to McDonald's the other day for a lunch treat. The trick? I had to walk there and back. I made it. Both ways. And didn't even collapse from the shock.

His next plan? We'll walk around the block. It's quite a hike, actually, and at least half of it is uphill. I'll tuck my inhaler in my pocket, make him carry the water bottle, and stop to catch my breath if I have to.

So how about you? What have you planned for your spring body renovations?



  1. First task: kick the endless series of colds/flu bugs I've had all winter. Then we'll talk exercise. ;-)

  2. Walking four miles or more at least twice a week. I got a cholesteral shock two weeks ago; time to watch what I eat and be more active!