Monday, March 1, 2010

Dog Under the Desk-Part 2

I have a dog under my desk. And she has a baby. Yep, she went out to the girls' toy box and adopted one of their stuffed animals. She's a very good mother. She carts her baby with her wherever she goes (except outside). Other than that, she's attentive and possessive.

Oh, she won't fight if you try to take her baby away, but she whimpers and moans and that's far worse. There's nothing as sad as a grieving dog momma who's lost her baby.

She's a very quiet companion. Most of the time I wouldn't know she was under there if she didn't move. The moment I leave the office--for whatever reason--she's up on her feet, baby clutched firmly in her jaws, ready to follow me.

Before I went to the hospital, she wasn't quite so attached, but since I've come home, she keeps a close eye on me to make sure I don't disappear again. For those who don't believe that dogs and cats are aware of their humans, I beg to differ. They know quite well when something isn't quite right.

Someday my daughter's family will move out, taking my doggie companion with them and that's how things should be. But I can't help wondering what she'll do when that happens. And how long it will take her to find a new alpha female to keep an eye on.



  1. That's soo cute. My dog found the boys old stuffie stash and stole one too. Then he ripped it to bits. Sigh.

  2. How cute. My dogs would rip anything stuffed to shreds. It's like a challenge to them. :)

  3. When we had to put our German Shepherd down, our Elkhound died a week later. He'd stopped eating as much and we think he grieved himself to death. NO one should ever say pets don't have souls or feelings. They most certainly do:)

  4. Heh. Well our doggie doesn't tear the babies up. She loves them until they're soggy messes, but no chewing or tearing.

    Animals clearly know when we're sick or gone. All the animals spent several days "pampering" me when I came home.