Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day Six...Crisis Management

We have water! The kids are back to school! And for the moment the crisis is over.

In times of crisis it's interesting how we humans adjust. There's a predictable pattern we follow when a crisis comes.

First we deal with the immediate emergency. We automatically sort out the top priorities and make arrangements for them to be met. In the case of the water, we needed drinking water, water to wash hands, and water to flush the toilets.

Then we assess what to do about the secondary issues. Cooking, dishes, bathing are all long-term necessities. Some people went to restaurants and hotels. Some did take-out and made do with sponge baths. But everyone dealt with it in some way.

Finally, we deal with all the "other" stuff. Laundry, cleaning, etc. Some can be post poned. Some can be dealt with by traveling farther away to a laundromat. But we deal.

That's what we humans do in a crisis. We adjust and deal with the new circumstances whether it's a water shortage or a hurricane, earthquake, flood, or tornado. Over and over we see people pulling together and moving on.

Obviously, some adjust better than others. But ultimately, we all make the necessary changes to survive. More than any other trait, I think that ability to manage a crisis is what separates us from the animal kingdom.



  1. glad you all weathered the crisis. Glad the kids are back to school.

  2. Actually Anny there are many times I believe animals act and think better than humans

  3. Glad the kids are back to school and you made it through the water crisis.