Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day four...no water!

Um, kitty? There might be a problem with this, you know? See, it takes WATER to flush!

We're on day four of a broken water pipe in our area. Earlier yesterday morning we had a trickle of water...enough to fill the toilet water tanks about every hour. But last night? No water. Nooooo water.

Kids have no school because there's noooo water. Cooking and dishes becomes problematical. Baths are mostly of the sponge variety. And laundry is...not possible.

The daily ritual in the evening is a water run out to a fire house four miles away with a zillion empty jugs where the young volunteer firemen very cheerfully fill them up and even help carry them to the car. Life changes. Everything revolves around the lack of water.

I will say one thing. This crisis has given all of us a new perspective on how fast water is used and how very inconvenient it is without a ready supply.

How long will this mess last? We don't know. It's a day-to-day thing. In the meantime, consider this. Most toilets take THREE gallons of water for each flush. So if you have fifteen gallons, that mean you can flush FIVE times in that twenty-four hours.

Kitty? I suspect you'd better drink out of the water bowl in the kitchen...




  1. any snow left on the ground to melt for flushing?

  2. Australian toilets use 0.8gallon per flush. It was a huge culture shock for me to see how much water you people used. Lift the top off the tank. Fill an empty soda bottle with water and place it inside the tank. You can probably get two soda bottles in and find it still flushes fine and you are saving that much water every time you flush.

  3. Why the hell can't they fix it???? It's a major health issue. Strange city you live in

  4. Cindy~~no snow left...

    Helen~~cool idea. We'll try it!

    Amarinda~~apparently not! It's buried in the woods. They have to build a road to it before they can fix it. It was put there in 1956.

  5. Snow... apparently Cindy is way more on the ball than I am. Except that you know, the snow is gone now. Start collecting spit??

  6. This happened to us once. We resorted to the fire hose thing, too. It happened to us in the summertime and lasted (I hate to say it), a week. We ended up going to the local University to shower.

    And I highly recommend the technique Helen suggested -- we've used it for years before low-flush loos and it works fine.

  7. Oh jeez. It's funny how much we take for granted. Electricity. Water. Hope they get it fixed soon.Definitely a health hazard.

  8. Oh honey...I feel your pain! Several years back when my hubby ended up in the hospital, our well went on strike. You don't realize how dependent you are on certain things until they're gone.

  9. Yay! A trickle of water! I took a very sketchy shower but hey! I'm cleaner than I was!

  10. Well hell Anny. What a damn nuisance! Where's the snow when you need it?

  11. I totally feel for you! We lose our water regularly here in Egypt - the longest was for five days - and what a nuisance! Now I keep 2 20-liter jugs of emergency water for flushing.

    Fingers crossed they'll have it all sorted out soon!

  12. Yep, it would have been wonderful if we had water to begin with! It took a while to locate a source. But now we're thinking we'll keep a couple jugs in case of another emergency!