Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two box day...

Writing is an isolating business. Over the years I've read polls and interviews where writers discuss what type of atmosphere works best for them. Some write to music. Some need absolute silence. Some write in a closet at home. Others could write anywhere including a coffee shop.

In the past I've written in the midst of eight or ten kids roaming in and out plus the television blasting and dinner cooking. But I can no longer do that. Now I find it very hard to concentrate with even the smallest noises around me. That probably has something to do with my age.

Most days it's quiet at my place as the grandkids are off to school. While they're gone I write, saving my internet stuff for when they come home. But just occasionally, there is the two box day. You know--the type of day that you can't concentrate when the wind chimes blow or the fire siren howls or a car alarm goes off.

Yesterday was a two box day.

My mind circled around with no place to land. Nothing much was accomplished yesterday. I couldn't even settle down long enough to crochet or work on my maps or read. Nothing!

Two box days are usually followed by jitterbug nights. My mind leaps about all night working on the items it should have settled on during the day. Argh!

So this morning I'm tired and anxious to get all the new ideas I dreamed about down on paper. That can't be a good combination, can it? Fortunately, it's quiet and cool this morning so we'll see how much I can accomplish.

I wish you all blessings of the day.



  1. looking forward to the ideas that come out of this though!

  2. Hopefully they'll pan out to a wonderful series of books for you, Anny. Good luck today.

  3. Good Luck, Anny. I've been having too many two box days lately.

  4. TWO BOX DAY AND JITTERBUG NIGHT, you need to write a story to go with that title.

  5. That would interesting, wouldn't it?

  6. I hear you, Anny. I couldn't get anything done yesterday either. It's been that kind of month.

    And I agree with Sandra. That's a great title! LOL