Thursday, June 18, 2009

Donkey vs. Tank

Sometimes... things don't go quite like you planned. Sometimes... you have to improvise. Sometimes... instead of a tank, you're given a donkey.

I think there are people who just naturally receive a donkey. I used to think that the donkey people were the ones who were getting the short end of the stick, but I've changed my mind. I think that they're the ones who have the ingenuity and intelligence to not only deal with that stubborn ass, but make it work to their advantage.

You see, some people would not know how to do that. They would spend more time picking themselves up off the ground than actually riding the donkey. They would be the ones who whine about having to find something to feed their donkey. I bet they would be the ones who ended up walking up the hill, leading their donkey by a rope so they didn't look stupid. Whereas most true donkey people would ride up the hill because they would rather look stupid than be tired.

I generally feel sorry for the tank people because they will never learn to be self-sufficient. They'll never learn caution. They'll never have freedom to try out the by-ways, but will always have to take the broad path. They'll never take the scenic route.

The donkey people are the explorers. They're the ones who are willing to try a different approach. They're the ones who have enough self-confidence to look foolish. They're the ones who live life to its fullest.

On the whole, I'm kind of glad to be a donkey person...



  1. Definite food for thought. Interesting blog, Anny

  2. Good blog, Anny. Lets here it for the donkey people!

  3. Sending this to my son, who frequently whines when we step off the beaten path.

    Great job, Anny:)

  4. Give me a tank any bloody day...I'm tired of frigging donkeys

  5. One of the things I admire about you is your ability to make a blog out of almost any LOL picture. That was truly impressive.