Thursday, September 17, 2009

Heart of a LION

There are those who wish they were lions... and those who truly have the hearts of lions. I wake up in panic, gasping because of a flu bug, but eventually I will be better. There are many with asthma and other respiratory diseases who face a lifetime of gasping for air, knowing their lives will never be disease free.

I suffer the aches and pains of encroaching age, knowing that I am not yet incapacitated. I know people who suffer walking the short distance from their home to their vehicle, yet they continue to persevere, carrying on the best they can with their lives because they refuse to give up or give in.

I squint as I work over my computer or with my beading, annoyed because the eyes won't quite focus. Yet there are many less fortunate who view the world through blurry eyes, feeling blessed because they can still see light and color.

Everyday I wake to a new day filled with promise and possibilities. I see the world around me. I hear the music of birdsong and the laughter of children. I smell the scent of rain and the sweetness of roses. I walk--slowly, but surely--wherever I need to go. I enjoy the company of good friends and precious family.

I salute all those who cheerfully persevere in life circumstances that are less than mine. They have the enduring hearts of lions. Let us pause a moment and listen to them roar in triumph.


Today is T's twelth birthday. I remember the day of your arrival so vividly. Where did the years go? Blessings in your coming year! I love you. Happy Birthday!


  1. I believe everyone has lion heart qualities just in different measure and kind.

  2. Wonderful, well-written and heartfelt blog, Anny.
    Happy bday, T!

  3. Happy Birthday, T.

    It's good to count our blessings everyday. Especially on the bad days.