Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Boy, is that hot!

Not the weather...though it's definitely hot. I'm talking about that scene...

Part of an author's commitments is posting excerpts from their books. Once a month I have a chat where I invite other authors to post excerpts. And one of the reactions from other posters is the phrase, "that's hot!"

I'm curious. What does that mean? Because I confess that I frequently don't quite discern the "hotness". Is it me? Am I jaded? What defines the hotness for one person vs. another?

The hottest scene I've ever read was written for a Harlequin Presents by Anne Mather. That was about thirty years ago and for me, it's never been topped. I'm not sure the hero and heroine even kissed in the scene. Certainly, they weren't touching. So what made it so hot? I think it was the anticipation.

What about you? What's the hottest scene you've ever read? Why was it hot for you?



  1. To be honest, I tend to skip over sex when it's in a book...

  2. It's funny because often I don't discern the hotness factor either. I think it comes from writing and reading so many love scenes. After a while they don't seem quite as titilating. Yep, jaded. That's me. :)